venerdì 25 maggio 2012

Syl and Sam: 236: tutorial - diy nail decals

Tutorial: Diy Nails Decals

Check it out! All you need are your nail polishes and a sandwich bag!

Just start drawing on your sandwich bag with your nail polishes. use whatever tools you would typically use to achieve the details, like striper brushes, toothpicks etc.

I decided to start with simple hearts & just doodled more things on the sheet as I went.

eventually I started drawing sanrio characters. haha

A helpful tip that I learned was to do a topcoat of clear nail polish over & around your decal design.

Let your decals dry for SUPER long, like a few hours.
After they're dry, it should be easy to just bend the sandwich bag and then peel the corner of topcoat with some tweezers! The topcoat acts as a border that you can start peeling from so that you don't ruin the actual design of your decal!

You now have decals!

To apply, just put a coat of fresh nail polish on & stick the decal on your still-wet nail. Make sure to press all the clear edges down so that you don't have any bubbly spots.

Then put on some topcoat & you're done!

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