sabato 26 maggio 2012

HAIR COLOR HOW TO: Hair Chalking

 Get ready to paint the town, I mean, your hair red....greenhot pink, or any color you like. All temporary- to wash out at your next shampooing! Fun and creative, without the commitment!
I'm gonna show you how to do HAIR CHALKING.
This is not new, it's been around for a while, but I thought I'd do a "hair chalking" tutorial for you guys to inspire you and have fun with!
So watch the tutorial below!
 I wouldn't normally put the red with the green and turquoise, but I wanted to see how the red would show up in my dark hair! As you can see, it showed up and was there to partay-in-my-hair! 

1. Soft Pastel Chalks -I got mine at Michael's craft for under $5.
***DO NOT use Oil Pastels- they will stain your hair and everything else!
2. Spray Bottle of Water (this is optional- you could just wet the strands with your hands too)
3. Protective Gloves- either latex gloves, latex free ((ofcourse) gloves, or even dish washing rubber gloves)
4. flat iron or curling iron to seal in the color

*The chalk might come off on your shirt- you can try misting the hair with hair spray to seal it in even more.
*Do not brush your hair too much after you chalk, it will come off on your brush and get everywhere.
*Do NOT put any wax, styling creams or anything on the "chalked hair" as it will make a huge, greasy mess!
*If any chalk comes off on your flat iron or curling iron, it wipes off easily.
*If you have blonde hair, you can skip the step of getting your hair wet- if you do, it may make the color last longer than you'd like! 
*Have fun trying all kinds of colors, 2 or 3 starting with the light then going over it with darker colors.
*Blues, greens, reds and pink really show up on dark hair.
*If your hair is light, all colors will show up great!
*The chalking can be pretty drying to your hair, so make sure you condition your hair really well after you wash this out! 
*This looks really cool when you braid hair, the different colored strands will look beautiful braided!
And if you sleep in it- wait til you see how pretty your pillowcase looks in the morning! (but it washes out, don't worry) 

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