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Easy Infinity Scarf TUTORIAL

Easy Infinity Scarf TUTORIAL

circle scarf
aren’t stripes so fun? yep, that’s dorky me trying to take a pic of myself. which for the record, is harder than you’d think.
i ordered this top for only a few dollars in an extra large size. i thought i could shrink it to magically make it fit…. buuuuuut that didn’t work out so well. as much as i like to sew, i didn’t feel like messing with taking it in in case i messed it up. so i decided the shirt’s fate was to be turned into infinity scarfs.
To Make an Infinity Scarf: all you need is a large t-shirt, scissors, and a sewing machine. {i know there are several ways to make these, but with the stripes going side to side, my scarf needed 1 short seam. if you cut it the opposite way, no seam would be needed!}

lay the t-shirt flat and cut a 6 inch strip from the hem to the shoulder of the shirt.
with right sides together, sew the 2 hemmed edges together and trim the excess fabric. and you’re done!
for a twist, add some chunky buttons over the seam. that would be totally killer!
and there you have a super easy infinity scarf! perfect for fall, winter, AND spring! {and summer too for those who are huge scarf fans} and the beauty of this project is you can use old shirts AND get several scarfs from each shirt. economical crafting at its best!
Gift Idea: make these easy scarfs for your friends for Christmas!

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